Frequently Asked Questions

Log a Support Ticket

There are 3 ways in which you can log a ticket:

  1. Call our helpdesk on 086 999 0347
  2. Login to the Customer Portal and log a ticket there

Check the following:

  1. Check that all your Internet equipment is powered on
  2. Reboot all equipment
  3. Check if there is a red light on your Fibre converter, this could mean there is a break in your fibre
  4. Contact our helpdesk
  1. Perform a speed test
    Disconnect all devices from the network. Plug a computer into the the router directly with a network cable. Visit the URL: check the speed you are testing at and compare this to your contracted speed.
  2. Wi-Fi
    Interference often affects the performance of Wi-Fi inside your home. There are a several causes for this interference including but not limited to; The placement of your Wi-Fi router, mirrors and glass, internal wall material and thickness, other Wi-Fi devices e.g. cordless phones, baby monitors, microwave ovens and other Wi-Fi access points. Due to the volatility of Wi-Fi, services delivered over this medium cannot be guaranteed. Infraplex will assist with identifying “Wi-Fi dead spots” within your home and potentially suggest additional or replacement of original Wi-Fi equipment.

There are a number of factors within your home that can affect your WiFi signal

Please view our Wifi signal diagram

Please email to request a password change.

To restore your router you will need to login with your PPPoE username and password, if you aren’t able to do so, please contact support by emailing or log a ticket.

For immediate assistance on your ticket please call 086 999 0347  and select the support option.

Your routers configuration information was supplied to you on your configuration and installation confirmation form. If you do not have access to this information you can call our support team at 086 999 0347